Harvest 2021.
We think it could be our best ever.

At Cobram Estate, we wait almost a whole year until the moment’s right. Then, harvest begins. Harvest 2021 is in stores now.

The Cobram Estate Bakers Handbook

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What's the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% the juice of an olive... Olive Oil, on the other hand, is not.

Cobram Estate only produces Extra Virgin. It is very important to understand what you are consuming. For a fresher, healthier & better product you can't go past high quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You can cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are so many delicious meals that you can create using our range of delicious Extra Virgin olive oils. Take a look at what recipes are inspiring us!

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Our humble Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a world class award winner and the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

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