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Because every olive matters at Cobram Estate

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From tree to table, take the journey

Picked at peak ripeness and gently crushed within hours, the finest Cobram Estate olives yield the freshest, healthiest, antioxidant rich extra virgin olive oil.

Donna Hay's Grove Inspired Recipes

Tarragon and Juniper confit Trout, Marinated Olives, Bay leave and Thyme confit Fetta or an Olive oil Madeira cake...  

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Matt Sinclair's Video Recipe Collection

MasterChef 2016 Runner Up Finalist, Matt Sinclair brings to life these fantastic and simple recipe creations on his recent trip to our Groves in Northern Victoria

Explore All Recipes

There are lots of delicious meals that you can create using Cobram Estate's delicious olive oil ranges. Take a look at our collection of recipes for some ideas!

2017 New Season Oils are now available! Browse our award winning range

From Japan to New York, our humble Australian Olive Oil is a world class award winner. We most recently accepted Gold and Best in Class at the 2017 New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Did you know

Our onion and garlic infused oils are certified FODMAP friendly, which is great if you are intolerant to onion or garlic

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