Cobram Estate AU
Cobram Estate AU
Cobram Estate AU

Extra value

Subscribers get better value per litre with our discounted bundle prices.

Cobram Estate AU

Extra freshness

Pouches are filled with fresh, new season extra virgin olive oil by our team in Victoria.

Cobram Estate AU

Extra convenience

Your bundle is delivered straight to your door for free.

Subscription FAQ's

How do I change or cancel my upcoming order?

1. Go to your account page, and click on Manage Subscription button.

2. You'll be redirected to all your subscriptions, now you can either click the Cancel Subscription button directly from here or you can go and see the details of your subscription via the See More Details button and cancel the subscription from the details page.

3. Upon clicking the button you'll be prompted with a popup asking for the reason for cancelation, additionally you can describe your reason on the text area. Once done click on Cancel Subscription

How long can I keep my oil in the ceramic bottle for?

For maximum benefits, we recommend to best consume your oil within 4-6 weeks of decanting.

How should I store my pouches?

We recommend for you to store your pouches in a cool dark place, away from direct light and heat.

How do you recycle my empty pouches?

We work with a local Victorian company, Replas, to turn your used pouch into sustainable plastic products.

Will I receive a free Cobram Estate ceramic bottle with my order?

When you sign up for a subscription, you will receive a free premium ceramic bottle with your first order. Additional ceramic bottles can be purchased for $15.00

Can I buy the EVOO pouches and ceramic bottle without signing up for a subscription?

Yes, our range of pouches and premium ceramic bottles can be purchased as a once off, or via an ongoing subscription.

How do I wash my ceramic bottle?

It is important to thoroughly clean and dry your ceramic bottle with soap and warm water, prior to your first use and each refill.

Refilling the bottles time and again, there will be oil residue that goes rancid and can taint the flavour of the next batch of fresh
oil it is filled with. Decanters are also often stored in handy places, such as next to stove tops, which also contributes to the hasty decline in quality of the oil.

We recommend storing in a cool dark place away from light and heat.

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