The Beginnings

“Our mission is to produce the worlds best Extra Virgin Olive Oil” — Rob

Meet Rob & Paul

Together Rob and Paul planted the first olive tree in 1998, and what started off as a family investment has matured into a team of over 100 people working across multiple groves in Victoria across 6500 hectares of pristine farmland.

We could talk about our olives for hours. The variety, the flavour, the health benefits, how they’re grown, the right time to pick, and how we turn them into olive oil.

At Cobram Estate, our passion for every single olive inspires everything we do. From tree to table, we nurture our fruit to create fresh, healthy, antioxidant rich, award-winning extra virgin olive oils. We look after every stage of production – from planting and picking to ensure freshness, to pressing and bottling to guarantee enjoyment.

Come on the journey with us!

Visit The Nursery


Located outside Geelong, Lara is the home of our nursery where cuttings are nurtured into the strong small trees that will grow up and get planted at one of the Cobram groves.

From small things...

…big things grow. The tiny cuttings are taken from the best quality branches and placed into trays.

After 12 weeks, once the cuttings have grown roots they are placed into pots and moved to the shade house where the climate is controlled and monitored 24/7.

18 months of care

As our cuttings develop into plants they are assessed before being toughened up under a hail net outside. Those that thrive are graded, pruned and transported to the grove for planting.

Welcome to the Grove

Boundary Bend

At over 3000 hectares, our Boundary Bend olive grove is one of Australia’s largest. This Murray River location is home to over 1.3 million trees, representing five major oil varieties.

2.5 million olive trees

Once mature the olive trees move to their new home at one of our groves. Here they are planted by hand in pristine soil in a perfect block layout where they will live for years to come.

Keeping trees 100% happy is the key

Through each season our trees get exactly what they need to be ready for our Autumn harvest - from frost protection in the winter, to feeding and pruning in spring, and watering in the summer. This creates our 100% happy trees.

Harvest Time

Ready, set… harvest

During harvest we work 24 hours a day to collect our olives when they are at their best. Our 'Colossus' harvester picks the olives from our trees and delivers them to our tractors for loading into trucks.

The Process

The art of creating liquid gold

The process of turning our olives into oil is as simple as wash, crush and blend. With our plant facilities located at The Grove our oil is ready 4-6 hours from time of harvest - so we can deliver freshness fast from "tree to table".

Our Olive Management System tracks batches of olives through from harvest to oil in tanks. Whilst in the tank, oil is tasted to understand bitterness, fruitiness, and pungency - this taste profile allows us to create the right oil blends for you.


Filling of bottles

Upon arrival at our bottling plant in Lara, Victoria, a sample is taken for testing and given a COA (Certificate of Analysis) to ensure to our customers that it meets regulations to qualify as Extra Virgin olive oil.

Oil is pumped from delivery trucks through a matrix of pipes in the oil receiver line to our tank farm, where it then gets allocated to the bottling line.

The only oil you need

Before filling with oil, our bottles are blasted with high pressure air rinsing to remove any impurities.

The bottles are capped (pop-up pourer located within cap), labelled and batch coded with expiry date, day of production and year of harvest. The line produces 15,000 completed bottles per hour. Carton packaging is the final step in this process before being packed straight onto pallets ready to be delivered to you, our customer.

Browse the award winning end product

From Japan to New York, our humble Australian Olive Oil is a world class award winner.