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Our olives are harvested and cold pressed within 4-6 hours to deliver exceptional freshness and taste. Their fragrant, complex and balanced notes transform any meal. We have collaborated exclusively with renowned Chef Neil Perry at his restaurant, Margaret. Neil complements his exquisitely crafted creations heroing local produce with a selection of our finest oils.

“ Cobram Estate is truly one of the world’s great extra virgin olive oils”


Our olives are proudly grown, harvested, pressed and bottled right here in Australia. We produce fresh, delicious, healthy extra virgin olive oils so you too can take pride in the food you share with your loved ones.

“ I love good produce and take pride in what I serve up to friends and family. I’ve always had a deep respect for good, fresh produce and what you can turn it into, and for sharing it with the people I love. There isn’t anything I cook at home that I don’t use Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oil in. It’s a great Aussie product that brings people together”


We feel extremely passionate about exceeding the targets for sustainable food production. With our practices in place, Cobram Estate sinks nearly ten times more carbon per hectare than the industry average. In addition we have an urgent move towards zero loss of biodiversity, with corridors of native vegetation and an emphasis on providing food and shelter for native wildlife. Sustainability is an ongoing passion of ours and we will continue to lead the way with impactful initiatives that benefit our planet.

“ From the millions of trees on our groves, every 40 olive trees offsets the carbon footprint of one person”


Head Horticulturist,
Cobram Estate

What and how you eat has a profound effect on your physical and mental health. The Mediterranean Diet, with extra virgin olive oil at its heart, is one of the most studied dietary patterns and comes out as a clear winner for health. You gain maximum benefit from about 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day and by teaming your oil with veggies you get a double whammy effect as the oil helps you to absorb more of the antioxidants from the veggies. We ensure our extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality, making a plant-rich diet delicious and a pleasure to follow.

“ The way you feel is closely linked to your diet. Try to eat lots of veggies cooked in the best quality extra virgin olive oil. This is the only oil I use and recommend.”


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* Based on IRI AU Weighted Grocery Scan Data (MAT to 16/01/22) Cobram Estate is the #1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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