White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse

White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse

Cooking time


1. First, melt chocolate in a glass bowl over simmering water, making sure the bottom on the bowl is not touching the water. Make sure to stir to not burn the chocolate. When completely melted, stir in Cobram Estate Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil, once combined sit to one side to cool.

2. Meanwhile, whisk the egg whites in to firm peaks. Next whisk the yolks, sugar and a pinch salt in a large bowl, until thick and doubled in size.

3. To combine it all together, start by pouring the chocolate and oil mix into the beaten egg yolks and fold in completely. Next add a third of the beaten egg whites in, no need to be delicate at this point. Then, gently fold in another third of the whites, making sure it is completely incorporated, before folding in the final third.

4. Once it is very well combined, gently spoon the mixture in to glasses or ramekin. Refrigerate for at least an hour, once ready to eat, remove from the fridge to get back to room temperature before eating.

5. Top with a simple raspberry sauce, make by blitzing raspberry with a stick blender, keeping it lumpy.

Ingredients Chevron Icon

150 g good quality white chocolate, roughly chopped

100ml of Cobram Estate Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 large eggs, separated

50 grams caster sugar

pinch of salt

1 punnet of raspberries