Dukkah Crumbed Chicken

Dukkah Crumbed Chicken

Cooking time


  1. First take the chicken, and using a meat tenderiser, slightly flattering each breast.
  2. Place flour salt and pepper in a medium bowl, milk and eggs in another and dukkah and quinoa flakes in a third. Once piece at a time dust chicken with flour, followed by the egg and milk mix, and finally in the dukkah, pressing to ensure mixture sticks. Once coated cover and place in fridge for an hour.
  3. Remove from fridge, and heat Cobram Estate Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a large fry pan over a medium heat. Cook 2 schnitzels at a time for 5-7 minutes of each side, until golden and cooked through.
  4. Serve with blanched green beans and watercress.

Ingredients Chevron Icon

4 chicken breasts, slightly flattered

2 cups plain flour

100g dukkah

2 cups quinoa flakes

2 eggs, whisked

¼ cup milk

½ cup Cobram Estate Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for shallow frying

salt and pepper

Green beans and watercress, to serve