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2021 will be a once in a lifetime harvest.”

Leandro Ravetti - Joint CEO and Chief Oil Maker

Joint CEO and Chief Oil Maker Leandro Ravetti describes the past 12 months as the ‘perfect’ storm for making great extra virgin olive oil. A wet winter followed by a moderate summer has meant that, come harvest time, the trees at Cobram Estate were super-heavy with fruit.

“More fruit means the olives ripen more slowly. They’re greener for longer. And that extra green-ness is giving the oil more flavour.”

“This is an award-winning olive oil that you can buy at your supermarket.”

At Cobram Estate, we’re incredibly excited about Harvest 2021. We began picking in early April and we think it’s our best range of extra virgin olive oils ever. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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Fresher is better

The fresher an olive when pressed, the healthier the oil is for you. And all the olives of Harvest 2021 are pressed within hours of picking. Learn more about the health benefits here.

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Harvest 2021 Masterclass

Want to taste it for yourself?

Join Cobram Estate’s olive oil masters Leandro Ravetti, Dr Joanna McMillan and Rob McGavin at our online Masterclass series.

Register here to have a tasting kit shipped to your home.

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Ultra Premium Harvest 2021

This is the best of our best Hojiblanca, Picual and Coratina olives. Select parcels of olives picked at peak ripeness and cold pressed within hours. Available for pre-sale here.

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