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Our Groves

There are over 2.5 million trees planted at Boundary Bend, and Boort.

The Boundary Bend Estate is located up the river from Cobram Estate near the township of Boundary Bend. Established in 1998 Boundary Bend is one of Australia's largest olive groves thriving on the same Mediterranean climate with almost 3,000 hectares of olive trees.

The Boort Estate is one of the world's largest single estate olive groves, it's located in the Boort district, 120km northwest of Bendigo in Victoria. This estate comprises approximately 997,000 trees on an area covering 2,800 hectares and ensures the Cobram Estate brand has reliable supply of premium Australian extra virgin olive oil for domestic and international sales.


Our Mills

After harvest it is important to process the olives as soon as possible to ensure maximum freshness within the oil extracted. Our olives are processed within hours to ensure the freshest and finest Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oils with wonderful aromas and penetrating flavours.

We have put into place strict hygiene procedures in every step, strict temperature and quality controls and state of the art continuous extraction systems. A fully computerised traceability system on the groves allows us to closely monitor all oils to ensure the highest quality control for our loyal customers.

Our Awards

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oils have won over 150 awards.
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